How come you didn’t know?

So… Normally i write in French or in Spanish.

But this time, I do not need to play with words; I need a message to be sent.

I live in Mexico.

I don’t know if you know, but by watching the news in France this summer I guess you don’t.

Yes, we’re not in Syria, or Israel. Yes, the killings here are not like what happened in Ruanda.

But we are at war… and no one is talking about it.

We have no ONU observers.

Not a word about us in the American, or French, or English, or… anywhere news.

I don’t get it: we are people, we bleed blood… We have oil, for that matter, I don’t understand why no one is running across the frontier to help us. Why no one is making a speech at the ONU, or… I don’t know, the Red Cross… Or even the scouts!

The persons who are dying here every day are not only narcos… They’re children, a lot of them, a woman just passing by, or a man going to work.

There is son many people disappearing every day, every night.

The government here does nothing, they are scared or sometimes, too many times, the cause of the murdered ones, the missing ones…

Even my kids have being victims of the violence, of the fear.

We hear what we call “balaceras”, shootings, all the time around the house. At first, we couldn’t sleep after one of them, but now we just wait to the end of it, and keep watching TV. We watch a lot of TV, series about violence somewhere else.

About a year ago, there was a news program, is it the right way to say it, well a news program in Mexico that told us every day how many executions, murders and… casualties (!) had happened that day. They stopped doing it, maybe because of a word from the government, or maybe because it was too much… I don’t know. Now they do it once a month and they compare it to the month before, or the year before, as if we were talking about rain… we are at about 30 to 40 deaths, all categories included, every day, even on Sundays. Do you realize how many people it is? Just try to draw them, every day… don’t forget to include children.

Last week our government announced they won’t tell us anymore the big number, the total of deaths after 6 years. And around the world, no one has said anything. Is Mexico in possession of a massive destruction weapon and are all the countries, the journalists under a horrible threat? Why this silence?

How come there has been movies about Iraq, or even the killing of women in Juárez, and silence about this? Where is Hollywood? Don’t we bleed enough?


We need you to talk about us, to your wife, or your father, to the teenagers who are getting interested in drugs, to the men who send arms to Mexico. We need you to talk to your neighbor, to the priest of your church, to your teacher… We need to be seen.



There’s a movement “Bordando por la paz”, embroidering for peace. First there were only women, now there are men and children embroidering.

First it was only in Mexico, in the north. Now, it’s in several countries around the world.

They use green thread for the missing persons, as green is the color of hope, and red for the dead ones, as red is the color for…


Yesterday I started embroidering.

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